How to Participate

Take your class on a journey and travel more than 6,500 miles with millions of shorebirds as they migrate from Panama to Alaska.  Join migrating flocks of shorebirds beginning December 2006 in Panama and at key stopovers along the way to learn about the mystery and science of migration. 

A wealth of information about migration, habitat, research, technology, shorebirds, and more is available at each of the seven stopovers.  At each of the locations, classrooms can participate in a live broadcast, webcast, or chat.

Stop No. 1:  Panama Bay
Panama City, Panama
Topic:  Introduction:  Birds, Birds and More Birds
Event: Broadcast in Panama only

Stop No 2: Bay of Santa Maria
Sinaloa, Mexico
Topic:  Migration and Migratory Stopover Sites
Event: Webcast (separate programs in English and Spanish)

Stop No. 3: San Francisco Bay Shorebirds in flight
San Francisco, California
Topic: Habitat
Event: Webcast

Stop No. 4: Fraser River Delta
Vancouver, British Columbia
Topic:  Research and Technology
Event: Webcast

Stop No. 5: Stikine River Delta
Wrangell, Alaska
Topic:  Shorebird Adaptations
Event:  Web chat

Stop No. 6: Copper River Delta
Cordova, Alaska
Topic:  Status of Shorebirds Today—Big Picture
Event: Webcast

Stop No. 7: Arctic Slope
Barrow, Alaska
Topic:  Nesting and Breeding
Event: Web chat

Migration Science and Mystery was produced during the 2006-07 school year.