Why Study Shorebirds and Migration?

Integration into Many Subjects!
The shear magnitude of what shorebirds accomplish in their effort to survive is truly amazing and a great tie into numerous subjects. Calculating distances and mapping where these birds migrate also make great opportunities for bringing math and geography into the classroom in a relevant and fun way.

Hook for Wetland Conservation!
Shorebirds are the hook for wetland conservation. By learning about and protecting shorebirds, we are protecting an entire ecosystem and all the flora and fauna that depend on these important natural areas.

Found Throughout the Country!
Because shorebird migration is worldwide and through all 50 states many more people can actively participate in the program.

Schedule Field Trips!
Shorebirds migrate in huge flocks and stop at relatively predictable times of the year and at the same places. This allows for planning of educational events, festivals, and field trips. This also allows for schools along the flyway to take part and report on the migration of shorebirds through their community.

Darn Cute and Fun to Watch!
Shorebird behavior and their variable features make them a wonderful observable species to teach and learn about.