Copper River Delta
Cordova, Alaska
Stikine River to Copper River

Welcome to the Copper River Delta located near Cordova, Alaska!  The shorebirds will have traveled 555 miles (900 kilometers) from the Stikine River Delta to get to the Copper River Delta.  All in all, they will have traveled 5,735 miles (9,290 kilometers) to get to the Stikine River from Panama.  They have almost completed their journey to their nesting grounds in the Arctic Slope of Alaska and are making one last stop to rest and refuel before they are on their way.

Here's how you can participate in this last stop before the shorebirds arrive on the Arctic tundra:

  • CLICK HERE to watch an electronic field trip webcast from the Copper River Delta.
  • Check out the information provided on this web site about the Copper River Delta.
  • Use the classroom-tested lesson plans from the US Fish and Wildlife Service that emphasize the "big picture." Students will discover that shorebird habitat is also our habitat and learn that all living parts of the habitat depend on clean water, air, and soil. These lesson plans include ways that students can share their knowledge with each other and their community in creative and thought provoking ways.