Stikine River Delta
Wrangell, Alaska
Fraser River to Stikine River

Welcome to the Stikine River Delta located near Wrangell, Alaska.  The shorebirds will have traveled 850 miles (1,350 kilometers) from the Fraser River Delta to get to the Stikine River Delta.  All in all, they will have traveled 5,180 miles (8,390 kilometers) to get to the Stikine River from Panama. 

Here's how you can learn about the Stikine River Delta:

  • Read the questions and answers from a live chat held in May 2007.
  • Fly in to the Stikine River Delta by taking a Google Earth Tour.
  • Check out the information provided on this web site about Stikine River Delta and learn why migrating birds like to stop here.
  • Use the classroom-tested lesson plans from the US Fish and Wildlife Service about shorebird adaptations.  Shorebirds have a number of traits or characteristics that have enabled them to be successful in their habitats.