Panama Bay
Panama City, Panama
Panama Bay

Bienvenidos! Welcome to Panama Bay, which is home to millions of birds. We are glad you could start the 6,535-mile journey with us in Panama.

Birds know no language barriers or international borders, so "Migration Science and Mystery: A Distance Learning Adventure" welcomes participants from all countries.

Many shorebirds and songbirds "winter" in Central and South America. However, even our words relating to migration on closer inspection seem to lack scientific precision and be a bit mysterious. The North American winter is, of course, the South American summer. So do some migrants actually "summer" in North America and "summer" in South America? Maybe this is question you'd like to ponder with your students and/or ask of the experts.

Although many shorebirds and songbirds, spend the months of November through March way south, "Migration Science and Mystery" will kick off our distance learning adventure in Panama. Audubon Panama, students from Colegio Brader, the Panama Department of Natural Resources, and Panama Department of Education have worked together to provide resources for this web site and begin the 6,535-mile (10,580-kilometer) journey to Alaska.

Here's how you can participate:

  • Check out the information provided on this web site about Panama Bay.
  • Use the classroom-tested lesson plans from the US Fish and Wildlife Service about shorebird characteristics. This section contains general information about migrating shorebirds to get you and your students started.

Please check back with "Migration Science and Mystery" throughout the next few months. The schedule of events is available at on our Program Info web page. "Our" birds that we see on the Panama program will be traveling 6,535 miles to the Alaskan Arctic Slope. Scientists know that these birds make use of key stopovers along the way to rest and refuel, so join us at these other locations: